How to be ready for Google mobile-first?

Have to came to know about Google’s mobile first indexing,yet not sure about what is it? No worries, we have tried to cover the aspects that Google has stated about the mobile first indexing feature and how you can be ready for the indexing.

Google started mobile-first indexing feature enabled for all new websites. From July 1, 2019 it is by default for new website and they will show notification in search console dashboard for old website to upgrade it.

Google mobile first
Google mobile friendly test

According to Google, there are few common things to be ready for Google Mobile-first. We have tried to list out those things with a short explanation of each.

mobile first 1 First formula is to make sure content of mobile site is same with desktop site:

Some of us might have separate contents for mobile site, usually lesser content than the desktop site. One thing we need to be clear about content is that, content means not only the text but the image and videos as well. All the images used should have an alt attribute, meaning the alternative text for image.

So, if we have different or lesser content in the mobile site, we need to make sure that it is exactly the same as the desktop version.

If you are done with this, let’s go with the second formula of Google mobile first indexing.

mobile first 2 Structured data should be present on both versions of your site

It means that you should use the same structured data markup on both the mobile and desktop sites. The URLs in the structured data on the mobile versions should be same as the URLs in the structured data on the desktop versions of your website.

mobile first 3 Metadata should be present on both versions of the site

Metadata such as site title and descriptions should not only be present in the desktop version, but equally same in the mobile version of your website.

If your site is not mobile friendly, don’t be late to upgrade it, or you might miss out in the Google search result, hence loosing your possible customers. It is also a best option to opt for a responsive site if you do not have one. Not sure how to do it? Don’t worry, I took service from Spiker and I must say, they were great in helping me create a responsive website.

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